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GRPS Shared Time Teachers

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GRPS Shared Time Teachers 2010-2011



email/wikis/web pages


Carol Brundage cbrundage@grcs.org  
Kelley DeBoer




St. Anthony of  Padau
Bob George rgeorge@iserv.net Retired
Steve J. Jazwiec sjazwiec@charter.net  
Sue Jazwiec




St. Thomas the Apostle
David Mamagona dmamagon@edcen.ehhs.cmich.edu Retired
Patricia McDaniels mcdanielsp@grps.k12.mi.us Shawmut St Mark
Jackie Spreitzer jasp@altelco.net

All Saints Academy Elementary

Jeff VanDyke


Lab Links


St Paul; the Apostle
Mary Lynn Whitson whitson03@comcast.net Retired
Lelsie    Holy Spirit 
Christopher McWhertor    Christian Schools 


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